Under Heaven: sometimes…

At the heart of this piece lies the idea that ‘there is a time’ for many (often contradictory) occurrences, states of being and relationships. Simple, yet inspiring articulations of this idea are to be found in The Bible (Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 verses 1-8) and the Tao Te Ching of Lao Tzu (No. 29).

All ‘times’ are seen as distinct yet related. The work seeks to elucidate the unique qualities of each instrument as a soloist/an individual, while also establishing relationships and connections between them, forming an ever shifting whole – often similar, yet never twice the same. The individual and the group (as well as the various groups making up the whole) are contrasted, their mutual dependence being emphasised.

Sometimes silent, sometimes speaking;

Sometimes in motion, sometimes at rest;

Sometimes ahead, sometimes behind;

Sometimes vigorous, sometimes exhausted;

Sometimes weeping, sometimes laughing;

Sometimes mourning, sometimes dancing.

Through the juxtaposition of apparent oppositions, it becomes clear that balance necessitates, and consists in, the relationship between such differences.

Under Heaven: sometimes… was commissioned by SPNM for performance as part of Rolf Hind’s Artistic Season 2005/06. The first performance was given on 07/06/2006 by Okeanos, in association with the Asian Music Circuit.