Title: Man Made

Year: 2017/18

Program note:

The poems read like prophecies, though in fact the sense of loss and catastrophe that they evoke is already a reality: much is already lost, much soon to be lost, and yet still there is more to lose. It’s hard to know what to do with this feeling of participating, somewhat helplessly, in the daily destruction of our world, and I am under no illusion that writing a piece of music can solve the many problems we face… Yet, if I were to venture a (probably too grandiose) purpose for this piece: it exists to draw into emotional focus not only the near-despair that can be induced by reflection on these matters, but also the hope that we can and might find a way to survive, to flourish and to acknowledge our absolute dependance on the health of this beautiful planet, its many environments and the abundant life which they support. 

I wrote much of the piece in conditions of immense privilege, during a fellowship at Civitella Ranieri (September-October 2017) where I met many inspired and inspiring people. It is to them that I dedicate this work. 

      Man Made